Attorney Information

Attorney Entry
Entry must include:
  • Attorney contact information, including Bar number
  • Defendant information
  • Case numbers you wish to enter your appearance
Attorneys wishing to enter their appearance may do so online or by mail prior to Defendants court date.

Fax entries will be accepted only on defendants' court date. In such situations, do not send a hard copy to court.

Recommendations will be completed the evening of defendants' court date, processed by court and returned to attorney with a continuance date for acceptance of recommendation.

Request for discovery must be in writing and will be processed on receipt.

When requesting a Recommendation and Discovery for same case, this court will process both request on the evening of Defendants Court date and both the Recommendation and Discovery will be forwarded back to Attorney of Record with a continuance date.

Continuances maybe granted by phone up to and on defendants' court date. Some cases may require continuance in writing. This request maybe faxed to the court.