Curbside Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf Curbside Leaf Collection
The City provides 3 curbside leaf collection passes.
Process & Procedures
Each section may be completed in one day or could take up to 1 week (7 days) per pass to complete depending on weather conditions and volume.

All piles must be out before 8 a.m. of the scheduled start date, any piles put out after the vacuum has past on a side of a street will not be picked up until the next scheduled date.

All dates may change, or take longer to complete due to weather conditions.

Residents who choose to place their leaves behind the curb prior to the collection dates are asked to maintain the piles as close to the curb as possible. Residents may also take advantage of the Wednesday yard waste collection service by collecting leaves in bags or containers to be picked up at the curb by Allied Waste. Be sure to check the list of approved containers by reviewing the Refuse Collection Guide (PDF).

Spring leaf collection will be performed by the Wednesday yard waste collection service only.

If you would like additional leaf collection, please contact Hendel Lawncare at 314-863-1420 for fee and schedule information.

Section 1
All streets north of olive, and all streets off of Warson Road:
  • Pass 1 November 3
  • Pass 2 December 1
  • Pass 3 December 14
Section 2
All streets south of Olive and north of Old Bonhomme, including the north side of Old Bonhomme. Excludes streets off of Warson, south of Olive (see Section 1):
  • Pass 1 November 4
  • Pass 2 December 2
  • Pass 3 December 14
Section 3
All streets south of Old Bonhomme including the south side of Old Bonhomme:
  • Pass 1 November 5
  • Pass 2 December 4
  • Pass 3 December 15