How to Pay Your Fine

                 Traffic Violations Bureau

As a convenience to the public, the municipal judge has established a violations bureau by the authority of Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.49. Eligible violations may be paid after the prosecuting attorney has filed a case with the court and prior to the court date listed on the citation.

Paying for a violation through the violations bureau constitutes a guilty plea to the offense listed on the citation. If you wish to contest a citation you must appear in court to do so. Payments for violations are accepted in person or by mail at the address below or online.
Physical/Mailing Address:                          Online Payments:
                 Olivette Municipal Court Violations issued through 12/31/19
                 1140 Dielman Road                                                    or
                 Olivette, MO 63132                             Violations issued on/after 1/1/2020
                 Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Forms of payment accepted by this court:
  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Personal check (no out of state checks)
  • Credit cards (note a convenience fee applies)
       Fine Schedule for Municipal Offenses

  • More commonly issued violations are listed below. Click here for a complete list of violations bureau eligible violations. If a violation does not appear on either list, a court appearance is REQUIRED.
  • Any violation involving an accident is a mandatory court appearance.
  • If paying by mail, sign back of ticket and enclose with payment.
  • Personal checks will be accepted only if they are drawn on a Missouri bank.
  • To receive a receipt, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.
  • Court costs are assessed to each case regardless of a court appearance.

Speeding Violations (points)

Violation  effective 
1-5 miles over $82.00
6-10 miles over $92.00
11-15 miles over $102.00
16-19 miles over $132.00
20-25 miles over $187.00
> 25 miles = Court appearance

Other Moving Violations (points) 


through 12/31/19
Electric Signal Violation $92.00
Obstructing Traffic $82.00
Stop Sign Violation $92.00
School Bus Stop Sign Violation $162.00
Fail to Signal $92.00
Improper Lane Use $92.00
Improper Turn $92.00
Following Too Closely  $92.00
Wrong Side of Roadway  $92.00
Fail to Yield  $92.00
Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle  $112.00
Improper Backing $92.00
Glaring Headlights  $82.00
No Headlights When Required $82.00
Motorcycle Headgear Violation $25.00
 Expired Driver's License $82.00*

Non-moving Violations (no points) 

 Expired State Plates
 Fail to Register Motor Vehicle $82.00*
 Improper License Plates
Fail to Wear Seatbelt (adult) $10.00
Fail to Restrain a Child  $81.00
No/One Tail Light  $82.00
One Headlight $82.00
*Some fines may be reduced or eliminated  if proof of compliance is presented in court.

Parking Violations

 effective 1/1/2020
Handicapped Parking Violation $132.00
Parking Violation $47.00