How to Pay Your Fine

                 Traffic Violations Bureau

As a convenience to the public, the municipal judge has established a violations bureau by the authority of Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.49. Eligible violations may be paid after the prosecuting attorney has filed a case with the court and prior to the court date listed on the citation.

Paying for a violation through the violations bureau constitutes a guilty plea to the offense listed on the citation. If you wish to contest a citation you must appear in court to do so. Payments for violations are accepted in person or by mail at the address below or online.
                 Olivette Municipal Court
                 1140 Dielman Road
                 Olivette, MO 63132
                 Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Forms of payment accepted by this court:
  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Personal check (no out of state checks)
  • Credit cards / Online payments (note a convenience fee applies)

        Fine Schedule for Municipal Offenses

  • More commonly issued violations are listed below. Click here for a complete list of violations bureau eligible violations. If a violation does not appear on either list, a court appearance is REQUIRED.
  • Any violation involving an accident is a mandatory court appearance.
  • If paying by mail, sign back of ticket and enclose with payment.
  • Personal checks will be accepted only if they are drawn on a Missouri bank.
  • To receive a receipt, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.
  • Court costs are assessed to each case regardless of a court appearance.

Speeding Violations (points)

Fine + Court Costs = 
1-5 miles over $75.00
6-10 miles over $85.00
11-15 miles over $95.00
16-19 miles over $125.00
20-25 miles over $180.00
> 25 miles = Court appearance

Other Moving Violations (points) 

Fine + Court Costs = 
Electric Signal Violation $85.00
Obstructing Traffic $75.00
Stop Sign Violation $85.00
School Bus Stop Sign Violation $155.00
Fail to Signal $85.00
Improper Lane Use $85.00
Improper Turn $85.00
Following Too Closely  $85.00
Wrong Side of Roadway  $85.00
Fail to Yield  $85.00
Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle  $105.00
Improper Backing $85.00
Glaring Headlights  $75.00
No Headlights When Required $75.00
Motorcycle Headgear Violation $25.00 

Non-moving Violations (no points) 

Fine + Court Costs = 
 Expired State Plates
 Fail to Register Motor Vehicle $75.00*
 Improper License Plates
Fail to Wear Seatbelt (adult) $10.00
Fail to Restrain a Child  $74.00 
No/One Tail Light  $75.00
One Headlight $75.00
*Some fines may be reduced or eliminated  if proof of compliance is presented in court.

Parking Violations

Fine + Court Costs = 
Handicapped Parking Violation $75.00
Parked in "No Parking" Zone $75.00