Trash & Recycling


The City of Olivette provides trash collection, yard waste collection, and recycling. The city contracts solid waste collection through a bidding process. Republic Services is contracted with the City of Olivette to provide waste management services to all of the City’s properties.


Republic Services
12976 St. Charles Rock Rd.
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Customer Service Phone: (636) 947-5959

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Trash is offered once per week and includes yard waste and recycling.  Republic Services provides a 90-gal trash cart, and a 65-gal recycle cart to the residents. Republic Services can deliver, exchange, repair, and remove these carts. Additional carts and backdoor service are available at an additional charge to the customer.

  • All trash, recycling, and yard waste must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Republic Services provides a 90-gal trash cart, and a 65-gal recycle cart to the residents. Republic Services can deliver, exchange, repair, and remove these carts. Additional carts and backdoor service are available at an additional
  • charge to the customer.
  • Please do not place yard waste or carts at the curb earlier than the evening before your pick-up day
  • Remove the containers from the street after collection.
  • Additional items placed at the curb will not be collected except on your last collection day of the month when 2 additional bagged items may be placed at the curb for collection.
  • Collection hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

**Please note: Condominium complex dumpsters are emptied Tuesdays and Fridays.

Additional Services 

Special consideration is given to handicapped residents or residents who are physically unable to push their carts to the curb for trash and recycling. The upgrade cost for valet services is $15 per month. A doctor's note confirming the condition and forwarded to Republic Services annually is needed.  Yard waste must be brought to the curb for collection.

Please contact Republic Services directly at (636) 947-5959 for more information.

Holiday Week Collection

On certain holidays, your collection day may be offset. Republic Services calls customers in advance of the holiday. You can also check their online schedule tool or view the 2023 Republic Services Holiday schedule

Curbside Placement and Cart Use Instructions

Place the cart one foot from the curb or edge of the street. Garbage should be bagged and tied, then deposited in your cart. This practice will keep your cart cleaner. Please place your cart at least three feet from any tree, pole, fire hydrant, etc., and at least five feet away from any cars parked in the street so the automated arm can reach your cart.

Refuse Collection Guide 8-2021_1


The City of Olivette has been a leader in single-family residence recycling for many years. To receive more recycling information, contact the Public Works Department at (314) 993-0252.

  • Place the cart at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the same days as your trash pick-up day. 
  • Recycling is limited to cart capacity which can be upgraded to a larger size by contacting Republic Services(fees may apply)
  • St. Louis County offers additional waste disposal services through the Household Hazardous Waste Program.

Recycling Resources  

Recycling Basics- 101 Reclying Tips for Republic Services. 

St. Louis County Recycling Wizard - Recycle Wizard is a search tool created for residents to learn where and how to dispose of items such as household hazardous waste, electronics, appliances, etc.

Recycling Simplified - Simple guidelines from Republic Services to help you become a better recycler.

Recycle Responsibly Toolkit - A toolkit from OneSTL to share and educate on how to recycle responsibly.

Yard Waste 

Yard waste, which consists of grass clippings, twigs, and leaves, is collected by Republic Services at the curb on Wednesday mornings at 7:00 a.m.

Yard waste should be placed  in:

  • Paper yard waste bags or,
  • 20-35 gallon plastic or metal cans labeled with ‘Yard Waste’ or an ‘X’ or,
  • Limbs 4 feet or less tied in a bundle that is less than 24 inches in diameter with rope

Any yard waste at the curb that meets the following conditions will NOT be collected:

  • Limbs greater than 6 inches in diameter
  • Bundles tied with wire
  • Bundles tied with string that is not strong enough to withstand lifting
  • Any container or bundle weighing more than 50 pounds or containing dirt
  • Yard waste in recycling bins, Republic Services provided trash or recycle carts, plastic bags, buckets, wheelbarrows, torn bags, cans, or bags with limbs sticking out.

Pick-Up Boundaries


North boundary: The south side (EVEN numbered addresses) of Old Bonhomme Rd. From Stannard Lane (which is south across from Lynne Court) to Dielman; a section North of Old Bonhomme Rd. And East of Dielman, including the EVEN numbered addresses in the 500 block of Dielman, ALL of the 9300 block of Old Bonhomme Rd. (BOTH ODD and EVEN numbered addresses), Char-Bea Lane, Fairwinds Court, Sleepy Hollow Lane, and Glenmary Road; the South side (EVEN numbered Addresses) of the 9200 block of Olive Boulevard, and a section North of Old Bonhomme Rd. (BOTH ODD and EVEN numbered addresses). 

East Boundary: City Limits            South Boundary: City Limits


North Boundary: City Limits (excluding the area surrounding Rothwell Heights Place)

East Boundary: City Limits

South Boundary: A line running parallel and next to the Northern boundaries of Logos School and Centerton Park (including Bon Price Lane and Bon Price Terrace); a section South of this line including all of Bon Hills Drive; and, a line running diagonally North toward Dielman and including Hill 'n' Dale Drive and Candlelight Lane. 

West Boundary: Dielman Road (includes only the East side of Dielman -- EVEN numbered addresses)


City-wide yard waste collection.


North Boundary: Olive Boulevard from western City Limits to Dielman Road (includes EVEN numbered addresses on the South side of Olive Boulevard ONLY).

East Boundary: Dielman Road to Old Bonhomme Road (including ODD numbered addresses on the West side of Dielman); Old Bonhomme Rd. from Dielman West to Stannard Lane (which is just south of Lynn Ct.) (including the ODD numbered addresses in the 9400 and 9500 blocks on the North side of Old Bonhomme Rd.) and, a line parallel and next to Stannard Lane (includes all housing units accessed via Ramsgate Drive and Stoneyside Lane.

South Boundary: City Limits           West Boundary: City Limits


North Boundary: City Limits and including Rothwell Heights Place.

East Boundary: All housing units on the West side of Dielman Road from Rothwell Heights Place South to Olive Boulevard (ODD numbered addresses).

South Boundary: All housing units on the North side of Olive Boulevard from Dielman Road West of the City Limits. (ODD numbered addresses)

West Boundary: City Limits