Citizens Police Academy

Community involvement is the key to a successful Academy program. Citizens Police Academy graduates will not become police officers; however they will have a greater understanding of law enforcement and a community partnership will be established.

The West County Citizen's Police Academy (CPA) sessions meet Wednesday night at 7:00 PM at local police departments during planned sessions (typically during the Spring).  Because of limited class size, it is best to apply early.  We do not have open applications at this time, however, if you are interested in attending a session and are an Olivette resident or business owner/manager, you may apply at any time and the Olivette Community Engagement Officer will contact you by phone or email with further details.

PDF Applications area also available by clicking here, or by contacting the Olivette Police Department (In order to use the fillable form, it is best to use Internet Explorer or Chrome). If applications are turned in outside of our open recruitment, the application will be held until sign-up is active again; an officer will contact you at such time to determine current interest.  For more information, please contact Officer Dane Lincoln at or (314) 983-5251.

About the Program

The Citizens Police Academy is an educational citizen-involved activity designed by the Olivette, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Frontenac, Ladue and Town & Country Police Departments. The goal is to promote understanding between the community's residents and its police officers regarding their respective needs and problems. By promoting this relationship, citizens and police can work together to make the community a safer place to live.

The Citizens Police Academy is a unique opportunity to educate the public about the criminal justice system and provide insight into everyday police work. The Academy is designed to give the public a chance to observe and understand law enforcement through a hands-on approach. Entrance into this program is by application only. A record check will be completed on each applicant.

Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

Several areas of police training will be covered during the 9-week Academy.  Role-playing scenarios will be used to reinforce the learning process and give participants a chance to experience some "real life" police situations.  Finally, applicants will be afforded the opportunity to ride along with police officers to observe firsthand the daily challenges faced by police officers.

Some of the topics covered will include: 
  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Use of Force
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • DWI Investigations
  • Specialized Equipment & Weapon Safety
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