Old Bonhomme Road Rehabilitation Project

What is the Old Bonhomme Road Project?

Since the Old Bonhomme Road had a deteriorating street, gutters, and sidewalks the city applied for and received a Federal Grant for $1.9 million to make the necessary repairs. The City’s match is $490,000, so for every local $1 we receive $3.90 in federal funding. A contract was awarded to Spencer Contracting to complete the road, curbing and sidewalk construction. The City Council deems this project to be of high value to our City.

What are the benefits of this project?

  • The road will be milled and resurfaced creating better water run-off as well as a better driving surface
  • New curbs will better direct water flow to inlets along the roadway and provide a better barrier to pedestrians from automobile traffic
  • New, wider, ADA compliant sidewalks will allow those in wheelchairs and with other disabilities to access the sidewalks and provide a more enjoyable walking experience for everyone

The 2006 adopted Strategic Plan for Olivette calls for a more walkable city and these sidewalks will not only provide that amenity but set the stage for additional side-walk and road improvements on our two other major roads, Dielman and Price.

How construction will affect residents?

While construction is never convenient or easy for those who live in the construction zone, we appreciate the support and help of all residents to ensure that the project is completed safely, efficiently and on time. In order to do that, the council is asking residents to comply with work zone safety laws. Please don’t speed through the construction zone. Be mindful of those working in the zone and keep speeds low to ensure their safety. For the safety of everyone, please, do not travel against the designated traffic direction.

Updates on the Progression of Construction

October 25, 2016
The Old Bohnomme Road Project is nearing completion. The paving work at the intersection of Olive and Old Bonhomme Road is currently being finished. Two-way traffic will begin very soon, depending on utility work.

Frequently Asked Questions
What about the AT&T box near Stacy Park?
AT&T has completed some of the work at the junction box, but they have more work to complete.  Spencer Contracting continues to work on the sidewalk. They are working towards box from both the south and north.

When will the road be marked? 
Street lines, stop bars, and crosswalks will be painted starting November 2. Please maintain extra distance behind painting equipment and do NOT veer onto the yellow lines. If you must cross freshly painted markings proceed very slowly so paint is not tracked onto your vehicle. The City of Olivette is not liable for paint that is tracked onto vehicles. 

When will construction be completely finished?
Depending on AT&T completing their work, and the weather holding, the project will be completed within the next three weeks.

OBR 10-25-16 graphic

September 13, 2016

Milling and paving work will begin Thursday September 15 between Price and Dielman.  Flaggers will be present to maintain two-way traffic along that section of Old Bonhomme. Milling will occur between Lynne Court and Olive on Friday and will continue on Saturday and Monday.  Paving will then begin in these same areas and should take an additional eight days.  Milling and paving between Dielman and Lynn Court will occur after gutter and sidewalk is complete. 

Sidewalk work on the west side of Old Bonhomme between Lindley and has taken longer due to Ameren and AT&T utility work being slow to occur.  City staff is calling the utility providers regularly for updates.  For more information see flyer #8.

August 20, 2016

The Old Bonhomme Road project is proceeding on schedule and should be complete by mid-November.  As early as August 24 crews will begin work on the section of road between Dielman and Lynn.  Old Bonhomme Road will be one-way westbound from Dielman to Olive Blvd.  See the latest flyer #7

While the contractor had originally anticipated performing road milling and paving at the completion of the sidewalk work, it is now scheduled to begin in mid-September in areas where sidewalk and gutter work is complete. 

June 6, 2016

Construction will begin at Olive and Old Bonhomme beginning Monday June 20th. Traffic flow will be one way Westbound between Lynne Court and Olive at that time. Be aware of lane swaps to accommodate construction activity. 

Paving of the roads will take place after the sidewalks and curbs are completed on the entire project. For more detailed information about the next phase of this construction process, take a look at Flyer #5


May 25, 2016

Reconstruction of sidewalks and curbs on the south side of Old Bonhomme between Price and Dielman will be completed by May 31st. 

While weather delays the final concrete pours on the south side of Old Bonhomme, construction continues with Spencer Contracting beginning the sidewalk removals on the north side of Old Bonhomme beginning at Price. For more information, please view, Flyer #4.

April 15, 2016

Beginning Monday April 18th, Old Bonhomme Road will be closed to east bound traffic between Dielman and Price. Traffic delays are expected, so please plan accordingly and be patient. The work zone speed limit is 20 MPH. Additional information about this phase of construction is available in Flyer #3.

April 5, 2016

Sidewalk and curb replacement will begin April 13th. The work zone for this phase will be from Price Road to Dielman Road.  

Ameren UE will begin utility work the week of May 2nd. Once utilities are relocated construction can begin on the north side of the road. Learn more by viewing Flyer #2.


April 4, 2016

The work zone for the first phase of construction will be from Price to Olive Blvd. For more information on what to expect during this phase of the project, check out Flyer #1.

How will construction impact Old Bonhomme Elementary School and Ladue School bus routes?

Due to road construction, Old Bonhomme Road between Dielman Road and Olive Boulevard will be one-way westbound until mid-October. Bus routes for Old Bonhomme (L3, L5 and L7), the Fifth Grade Center (L6), Ladue Middle School (L7) and Ladue Horton Watkins High School (L22) have been adjusted to accommodate this change and will be re-evaluated and adjusted, if necessary, once this portion of Old Bonhomme Road has been re-opened to two-way traffic.  

The school district is working with the City of Olivette to minimize inconvenience for our bus riders, as well as those who carpool. However, it is realistic to anticipate some delays on Old Bonhomme, as well as changes in traffic flow on streets surrounding this area.  

Once two-way traffic is available, bus routes will be re-evaluated and adjusted, if necessary, and the District will be back in touch with the the impacted families.

View more information on the Ladue School District Bus Routes