Current Building & Development Projects


The Department of Planning and Community Development oversees a variety of construction projects.  For information regarding both large and small projects, including all those which undergo review and approval through the City's Planning and Community Design Commission, visit the pages below. 

The three project categories below each contain the name or address of the project, a brief description, and whether the project is pending review from either the Commission or building permits.  Recently completed projects of significance are also identified.

Latest News

Residential Projects

A residential project primarily involves improvements associated with the construction of residential structures and buildings.  Residential projects include new homes, residential additions, exterior alterations, accessory structures such as decks, pools, and pergolas, and variations from the City's fencing regulations.  Residential projects also include subdividing or adjusting the boundaries of existing residential property.

PCDC Items for 2023, 10/05, including:

  • 12 Birnawoods Lane, Residential Addition
  • 46 Stoneyside Lane, Accessory Structure-inground Pool

Commercial Projects

A commercial project primarily involves improvements associated with the construction of structures and facilities for commerce and business.  In addition, Olivette also includes multifamily buildings consisting of 4 or more attached residential units as a commercial project. Commercial projects may include retail shops, restaurants, hotels, medical buildings and facilities, industrial buildings, warehouses, and office buildings.  A majority of commercial projects in Olivette will also have a zoning designation consisting of "COR" Commercial/Office/Retail District, "PRO" Planned Residential/Office District and "LID" Light Industrial District.

Olivette Gateway Proposal (AKA Olive Crossing)

PCDC Items for 2023, 10/05, including:

None as of now.

Municipal and Other Public Projects

A municipal project primarily involves the City overseeing design, development, and/or construction. Municipal projects include the City's municipal facilities such as City Hall, the Community Center, or Public Works, and includes street and sidewalk improvements, and park improvements. A majority of municipal projects are conducted in public rights-of-way or on land zoned "PA" Public Activity District.

Other public entities, such as Missouri American Water, Spire, and MSD perform a variety of projects in the City.  While the utility may contract with private contractors to perform the work, responsibility for design, development, and/or construction remains that of the public utility company.