Letter From the Fire Chief

As Chief, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the City of Olivette Fire Department’s website.  I hope you find it a valuable resource as citizens and visitors to the City of Olivette. The department has a single mission: to reduce the loss of life and minimize property damage for the citizens and visitors to our community.  The OFD has 23 uniformed Fire and EMS personnel devoted to protecting life, property and the environment through their involvement in fire prevention, firefighting, emergency medical care, and community service. 

The Olivette Fire Department holds the fundamental principal that our members are the foundation of the organization. The department can be no better or stronger than its membership. Management values the membership and collaborates with them in the design and implementation of the systems, procedures and processes that form the framework of our organization.

The Olivette Fire Department placed in service a new 2019 Ford F450 4X4 Ambulance to the City's fleet on June 6th. The Wheeled Coach built ambulance will replace the ambulance purchased in 2010 after the emergence of the Olivette Fire Department’s EMS transport service. The ambulance contains safety features including 6-point restraints for the Paramedic in the patient compartment and a crash-tested stretcher containment system, called a Power-LOAD, that assists with loading & unloading patients.  The ambulance has a liquid spring suspension that allows the driver to alter the ride height and stiffness of the suspension, providing a more pleasant and comfortable ride.

Training is the single most important element for a safe, professional, and effective fire department. It is imperative that all members are properly trained on all aspects of firefighting to help safeguard his/her life, and the lives of those we serve in the community.

Training firefighters in our new facility gives the department the ability to practice the skills needed when responding to emergencies. The department has dedicated itself to maintaining high quality, critical training... Training occurs in the three-story training tower, the 800 square foot mezzanine, and the 5000+ square foot engine bay. This results in increased training hours per year for our firefighter/ paramedics.

It is with honor and dedication we serve the community.  

Once again, welcome to our website, and please contact us if you have any additional questions or have suggestions to improve our services to you.

Thank You, 

Fire Chief Steve Carman

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    Steve Carman

    Fire Chief