Plans and Reports


pAGE cOVEROver the past 20 years, Olivette has made significant strides in building its identity throughout the region so as to foster a character all its own. Guided by its 2006 Comprehensive Plan, Olivette has emerged as a vibrant community. Recent redevelopments have embraced sound planning principles, including strategic economic growth that exhibits aesthetic cohesion, walkable spaces, and coordinated development. We take pride that our community has evolved into a “Dynamic Sense of Place.”

As we look to adopt a new comprehensive plan for the next 20 years, we intend to foster our sense of community in which all residents and businesses can feel included in the planning process and embrace a common vision.

When we drafted our scope for the Comprehensive Plan Update, our emphasis was set on equity, community involvement, and sustainability. With the selection of Shockey Consulting as our planning consultants, the City solidified this goal and ensured a planning process with extensive community engagement events and activities to ensure an accurate representation of the Olivette community.

This plan reflects an inclusive community vision that sets to foster:

Olivette is a vibrant and unique city,
strengthened by its diverse population,
invigorated by its opportunities for community connection,
and distinguished by its dynamic sense of place.

To implement this vision, the ten community goals enclosed in this document will guide us in our actions, reviews, and recommendations for the development of the City. Each goal has a number of guiding objectives with recommended actions to further our inclusive community vision.

With this plan, we look forward to strengthening our community connections and furthering inclusive decision-making. We welcome existing and potential partnerships interested in investing in Olivette.

City of Olivette Comprehensive Plan:2006 Strategic Plan

This plan intends to lay out a cohesive strategic plan and vision, guided by the community to provide a roadmap for the City to take a more proactive role in guiding redevelopment and fostering development in the community. 

This plan has three phases: evaluating Olivette as a center of opportunity, developing a plan for giving Olivette a dynamic sense of place, and finally launching the vision. Learn more.

Visit our newest Comprehensive Plan Website.

Catalyst Strategy

Catalyst Strategy Cover

The Catalyst Strategy report was commissioned to better understand what development demand exists along the Olive Corridor and the types of products that must be offered at these opportunity sites to capture this market demand. By identifying the right opportunities, and the right way to act upon them, the city can set its course for the next generation. Learn more

Olive Boulevard: Conceptual Master Plan

As part of the implementation on the Olivette Strategic Plan and further the objectives of the Catalyst Strategy, the Department of Planning and Community Development contracted with the Lochmueller Group and Bates Forum to prepare a conceptual master plan for a section of the Olive Boulevard corridor.  The section of Olive extends from Olivette Executive Parkway on the east to Old Bonhomme Road on the west. The objectives of the plan were as follows:

  • Develop ADA-compliant solutions that provide safe and efficient pedestrian crossings, while minimizing impacts to adjoining infrastructure.
  • Create a pleasing sense of place along the corridor, while maintaining satisfactory access to adjacent properties.
  • Produce a plan that competes well for implementation funding.

The intent of the plan is to assist the City further the "Sense of Place" vision of the Olivette Strategic Plan through recommendations and guidance that address:  streetscape uniformity; pedestrian and ADA access; access management, including median replacement; cost estimates; and providing necessary information to facilitate pursuit of funding for implementation.

Northeast Quadrant Transportation Sketch Planning Study

The City hired CBB transportation and traffic consultants to conduct a Sketch Planning Study of the area referred to as the Northeast Quadrant.  The northeast quadrant consist of the residential, commercial, and industrial area north of Olive Boulevard, between the I-170 interchange and Dielman Road.  The study considers the ongoing redevelopment of various tracts of land in the area and potential transportation infrastructure improvements required to accommodate them.  The study also considers ongoing transportation infrastructure efforts and explores options to create linkages for supporting the mobility of all users (passenger vehicles, trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians).

Five Year Economic Development Plan

The Olivette Economic Development Plan is a guide for achieving increased economic prosperity and improved quality of life in the region. It offers a mix of short-term, mid-range, and long-term strategies designed to improve Olivette's future economic development. This plan builds upon Olivette's Strategic Plan and utilizes its existing assets to create moment towards, and a culture of, increased economic prosperity. Read it now.

Centennial Greenway

The Centennial Greenway expansion shall further connect Olivette to the cities of University City, Clayton, Ladue. The Centennial Greenway shall provide a safe multi-use pathway and bike facilities from Shaw Park to Indian Meadows and Warson Park into 39 North.   Learn more

39 North

The 39 North Master Plan is a vision to create an innovation district to advance the region’s global leadership in plant sciences and agtech.  39 North was formed in Partnership with the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, City of Creve Coeur, City of Olivette, Danforth Plant Science Center, Bayer and many others. Learn more about the bourgeois agriculture tech sector 39 North.  

Olivette Parks Master Conceptual Plan

The City of Olivette Parks conceptual parks master plan to guide renovation of Warson, Villa, Irv Zeid, Stacy, and Indian Meadows parks, trails and open spaces for the next ten years. Learn more