Step 1: Preliminary Zoning Review

A Building Permit is required to install non-residential signs. Prior to preparing plans, make sure to review regulations for permitted signs, including sizes and placement. A handout noting the City’s requirements for signs is available, or contact an Inspector at the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Step 2: PCDC Review 

Community Design Review considers the improvements design compatibility with adjoining properties as outlined in Chapter 425 Community Design. Community Design Review is required for wall signs on multi-story buildings (3 stories or higher) and secondary wall signs on non-residential properties. Monument signs located within nine hundred fifty (950) feet from Olive Boulevard are subject to the design parameters as stated in Chapter 428 Olive Boulevard Corridor Design Regulations. 

Consult with the Department of Planning and Community Development for inquiries.

Step 3: Submit For Building Permit

Plans submitted for a building permit must include:  

  1. Completed application for Building Permit.
  2. Associated fee based on estimated costs.
  3. 4-copies of property site plan illustrating all improvements, including placement, height, and total dimensions (3 copies for residential signs).
  4. 4-copies of the sign specifications, including scaled elevation, design, dimensions and materials  (3 copies for residential signs).

Step 4: Inspections

The required inspections will be identified upon the issuance of a building permit. Twenty-four hour notice is required for inspections. Separate mechanical and electrical permits must be obtained through St. Louis County.