Snow Removal from Sidewalks

Snow and Ice Responsibilities
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Residents Responsible for Clearing Sidewalks

The removal of snow from sidewalks and driveways is the responsibility of the property owner.

All snow and ice should be removed from the entire constructed width of the sidewalk. This enables people of all ages and physical conditions to have access to clean pedestrian walkways. An important element in providing safe pedestrian passage during snow events is in the hands of Olivette residents.

Section 515.070 of the Municipal Code states “It shall be the duty of the owner and occupant of property on which a sidewalk is located, or which is adjacent to a sidewalk, to maintain such sidewalk clear and free of dirt, debris, snow and ice. Snow and ice shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours following a snowfall.” Failure to comply with the requirements set in this ordinance could result in a fine up to $100.

Where to Shovel Snow

Snow Removal Graphic
Be considerate and do not plow or shovel snow from driveways or sidewalks onto public streets. Snow removed from private property onto public streets can cause icing conditions on streets that have already been salted and plowed.

Restricted Parking

There is also an ordinance which prohibits parking on the street during snow (2 inches or more), ice or freezing rain. The police do give tickets for this offense so keep an eye on the weather. Remember there are reasons for these ordinances and this one is so the streets can be cleared. If there is a difficulty in parking off street during these times, you can call City Hall at 314-993-0444, for directions to apply for a special permit to allow parking under these conditions on the street.

Role of the City

The Public Works Department is responsible for snow and ice removal of City streets and contracts with subdivisions for removal on some private streets. 

As mother nature deposits snow City staff is working to clear snow to roadsides. Visit the City Website for tips to mitigate snow windrows at your property driveway.

Snow removal is a very difficult process and City staff appreciates everyone's cooperation.

Winter Safety

Many Olivette residents enjoy a walk during or after a winter event. If you do choose to venture out please wear a reflective or brightly colored jacket. During the evening hours a flashing strobe cansignificantly increase your visibility to snow plow operators and passing motorists.