Permeable Hardscape

What is a Hardscape?

The term “hardscape” means outdoor landscaping other than plants or other greenery. We typically think of hardscape projects as driveways, sidewalks, patios and retaining walls. There are many materials to choose from with concrete and asphalt the most commonly used. However, there are other options that include permeable hardscapes that benefit our community.

Permeable Hardscapes Can Reduce Stormwater Runoff & Filter Pollutants

Permeable hardscapes are an excellent alternative to traditional systems that offer an environmentally responsible way to reduce storm water runoff and filter pollutants. In a permeable system, Water Stone and Brick Path passes through the hardscape surface to a system of various- sized gravels, and then to the soil. Permeable pavers allow for the passage of water yet are strong enough to support the weight of a vehicle. Not all properties are good candidates for permeable systems, so proper planning and research is necessary.

Material Choices

Concrete pavers are not the only option though. Stone, gravel, brick, previous asphalt and concrete are other options as material choices for your next project. Using one or a combination of these permeable hardscape materials with other sustainable projects, like native plantings, not only beautify your property but improve our community.

Next Steps

Please contact the Olivette Public Works Department at 314.993.0252 for more information and resources. As with any project please consult with the Planning Department to determine if permits are necessary.