Fiscal Year 2021-2022

City of Olivette Goals 

Be a leader in service delivery and facilities and in regional/state/national associations

Fully utilize public space (facilities, parks, trails, roads, ROW) for creating community and improve connectivity throughout Olivette

Strategically leverage new and existing funding sources and economic tools to improve services, efficiencies, and revenues within City government; and to direct economic investment and development to increase commercial opportunities, utilize property at highest and best use, and ensure quality employment in the City of Olivette.

Ensure operational transparency through online access to data, and plain-English ordinances, policies and procedures.

Increase regular and consistent communication between residents/businesses and the City. Balance fiscal responsibility with quality city employment opportunities and benefits.

Perform regular self-assessment viewing City policies and practices from an internal, external, and sociological perspective.

Council Goals 

Provide a full range of quality and responsive municipal services allowable under State law including law enforcement, zoning and code enforcement, recreation centers, trash disposal and parks

Participate in local, state and national organizations to influence legislation and improve regional relationships

Create a sense of place and encourage civic pride.

Create opportunities for economic development and retain and improve existing businesses.

Creation of short, medium, and long-term goals to establish a process of self-assessment focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Council Objectives 

Continue to hold Council meetings, worksessions, and town hall meetings to provide a public forum for various viewpoints, inform citizens of opportunities and plans, and deliberate to reach best possible conclusions for the City and its citizens.

Provide atmosphere for residents attending public meetings to expect an opportunity to communicate viewpoints and share concerns on community issues within a structured setting guided by the Council.

Increase participation in Municipal League of Metro St. Louis and Missouri Municipal League.

Continue to establish the Olive Boulevard corridor as a focal point of the City as outlined in the strategic plan.

Bring in a professional to work with Council and City Manager on creation of short, medium, and long-term goals to establish a process of self-assessment focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Create a process for evaluation of the City Manager.

Continue to improve design and content of website, newsletter and social media.

Prior Year Goals