Goals with Objectives – Approved August 2017

Improve connectivity throughout Olivette (North/South and East/West)

•    Traffic Management Study

          o    Council forms Project Management Team

•    Continuation of trails and bikeways

Be a leader in service delivery and facilities and in regional/state/national associations

•    Public Safety Responses and new initiatives

•    Accreditation for departments

•    Quality Service Delivery

•    Emergency response planning

•    Fiscal Responsibility

•    Court System

•    Membership/Leadership roles

Fully utilize public space for creating community

•    Expand and enhance City programming

Park Master Plan

•    Prioritize Recommendations

•    Review implementation plan

Strategically leverage new and existing funding sources (including debt) to improve services, stabilize year to year expenses, and increase efficiencies.

•    Insure financial policies are in place and up to date

     o    Reserve policy

•    Investigate new or expanding revenue streams

•    Multi-year forecasting

Ensure operational transparency through online access to data, and plain-English ordinances, policies and procedures.

•    More data on-line with easier access

•    Increased use of “Brochures”

•    Review final ordinances for understanding and clarity

Increase regular and consistent communication between residents/businesses and the City.

•    Open social media to commenting, tagging and sharing

•    Increase social media postings

•    Increase use of Constant Contact

•    Create a communication plan

•    Improve staff’s understanding of “news-worthy” stories, story telling and visual stories

Balance fiscal responsibility with quality city employment opportunities and benefits.

•    Annual review of Personnel Policies

•    Periodic review of benefits

•    Pension oversight – with annual Council updates

Encourage and, to the extent possible and practical, direct economic investment and development to increase retail, dining, and commercial options, utilize property at its highest and best use, and insure quality employment opportunities.    

•    Zoning Districts

•    Strategic use of economic tools

•    Revisit 9 potential areas of redevelopment

•    Initiate new forms of business/industry outreach

•    Metrics to measure impact of Gateway and City Hall development

•    Moratorium on taking over residential streets through NIDs

•    Develop a plan to secure specific properties for future development