Olivette Police Department Vehicle Stops

The community's interest in traffic stops is a valid concern in today's climate of accountability in policing.  Traffic stops are one of the most visible actions of police presence and have the potential to be confrontational. 

When a traffic stop is conducted in Missouri, Missouri Law Section 590.650, RSMo requires that all peace officers report specific information about the stop including the driver’s race, age, and residency.  This information is then provided electronically to the Attorney General’s office.  The Missouri Attorney General’s Office (AGO) then compiles an annual Vehicle Stops Report (VSR) that is available for the previous year’s data.  Find the most recent completed year's report (and previous years' reports) at the link at the bottom of this page.

The data provided by every law enforcement agency in Missouri is then presented in various tables and graphs.  The Attorney General’s Office allows for police administrations to provide a response to the VSR. 

The City of Olivette has two major highways within its boundaries. I-170 is on the east and HWY 340 (Olive Boulevard) is a major thoroughfare that divides the north and south sectors of the City.   On a daily basis, over 100,000 vehicles utilize I-170 and over 32,000 vehicles utilize Olive Blvd.  Olivette has several employers that employ hundreds of employees which also increases the daily population.

The Olivette Police Department prides itself on the amount of training our officers receive.  Included in that training are courses on bias based policing, implicit bias and racial profiling.  The Olivette Police Department is a professional police organization that is committed to protecting all people, both residents and non-residents, from racial or bias based profiling.


Missouri Attorney General’s Vehicle Stops Report