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We have received some inquiries from the Olivette community about our Police Department’s established policies and procedures and how they may or may not be congruent with the objectives of the 8 Can’t Wait campaign. We want to share how our policies and procedures compare to those desired objectives:

  1. Ban Chokeholds
    Our policy on use of force prohibits the "use of vascular neck restrictions" and "choke holds', and ’strangle holds,’ and other similar holds that restrict the ability to breathe".
    OPD General Order 9.1 - Use of Force
  2. Require De-Escalation
    De-escalation techniques and topics are interwoven into the Department’s operations, training, and policies. This includes understanding that there are many tactics and techniques to de-escalate an escalating situation.
    OPD General Order 9.1 - Use of Force 
  3. Require Warnings Before Shooting
    Our policy states "before using a firearm, police shall identify themselves and state their intentions, where feasible." This policy is consistent with federal case law.
    OPD General Order 9.1 - Use of Force 
  4. Requiring Exhausting Alternatives Before Shooting
    Our policy on use of force provides that uses of force may be necessary to overcome resistance to arrest, however, "force may not be resorted to unless other reasonable alternatives have been exhausted or would clearly be ineffective under a set of circumstances." Further, "when resistance ceases, police force should likewise stop."
    OPD General Order 9.1 - Use of Force 
  5. Require Duty to Intervene
    Our policy regarding Code of Conduct mandates the duty of officers "to intervene if they believe that a manifest injustice would result from failure to take immediate action." If an officer becomes aware of an instance of excessive use of force, they have the responsibility to immediately notify the Chief of Police.
    OPD General Order 16.1 - Code of Conduct
    OPD General Order 9.1 - Use of Force
  6. Ban Shooting at Moving Vehicles
    Our policy states officers "shall not fire at or from a moving vehicle" with exceptions provided when the occupant is threatening deadly force by means other than use of the vehicle, or the vehicle is used in a manner deliberately intended to strike another and other reasonable means of defense have been exhausted.
    OPD General Order 9.1 - Use of Force
  7. Require Use of Force Continuum
    A force continuum does not require officers start with one level of force before moving to another. Our policies take the use of force a step further requiring officer to only use the level of force that is objectively reasonable in light of the totality of circumstances.
    OPD General Order 9.1 - Use of Force
  8. Require Comprehensive Reporting
    When any use of force incident occurs, a rigorous review of all available facts and evidence is conducted.
    OPD General Order 9.4 - Firearms Discharge, Use of Force Review
    OPD General Order 9.1 - Use of Force

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