Community Camera Program

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A Partnership Between the Community of Residents and Businesses of Olivette
with the Olivette Police Department

Register Your Cameras With The Community Camera Registration Program

The Olivette Police Department invites you to register your security camera.  The public’s participation in the Community Camera Registration Program strengthens the investigative abilities of the Police Department and decreases crime in the given location due to deterrence.  The Community Camera Registration Program can be seen as a "neighborhood watch of the 21st Century" and will potentially provide critical footage to get criminals off the streets.

The Community Camera Registration Program does not involve giving the Olivette Police Department or any other Olivette City department the ability to freely access your cameras, claim ownership of, or dictate the camera system’s function.  This is simply a contact list that will allow the Olivette Police Department to see who might have a camera system that had potentially captured security images or files that may be related to a crime that occurred in your area.  When a crime is committed, the Olivette Police Department will refer to the Community Camera Registration Program to identify any possible cameras that my have captured anything of direct interest to the investigation.  The Olivette Police Department will then make a request to the owner if he/she would provide security recordings from the date and time specific to the investigation.  This process greatly expedites and enhances the investigation and may lead to a quicker apprehension of a suspect.

Registering your security camera shows your willingness to deter, fight and solve crimes on a local level.  It further demonstrates a citizen-police bond that is critical in keeping Olivette safe.

Registrant information is kept confidential and the registrant can withdraw at anytime by contacting the Olivette Police Department Community Engagement Officer Madison Coates at 314-983-5238 or by email at

Registering Your Camera

We offer two ways to register your cameras:  

Online Form

Printed Form

The printed form is a PDF document.  Please ensure you have a program on your computer that is able to handle this type of digital file. If you choose to use the printed file, please return it to the Police Records Clerk at 1140 Dielman Rd, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM (closed on Federally-recognized holidays).