Cops For Pets

Cops for Pets
is an initiative that began in 2019 by Olivette Police Lieutenant Garrett Wood of the Olivette Police Department. His personal love of animals and care for those who have been abandoned and abused led him to help the animal shelter in Olivette.

From 2019 through 2021, the animal shelter in Olivette was operated by the St. Louis County Department of Health.  In 2022, the St. Louis County Department of Health was in the middle of restructuring the operation of the adoption side of the facility to partner with a private organization.  2022 saw donations in the Cops for Pets donation drive distributed to local St. Louis metro stray and rescue shelters.

In December 2022 the APA of Missouri began operating the St. Louis County Adoption Center through a municipal contract with St. Louis County, now called APA Olivette.  So far in 2023, APA Olivette has adopted over 1,800 pets into loving homes.  Since the APA is now the operating entity in town, we are pleased to partner with them for our Cops for Pets program!

How to Donate 

Give a Monetary Donation

If you prefer to give a money donation to the APA, there is an online link!  Click here to donate today! (external link)  

  • Please select "Other" as the Reason for Giving. 
  • List "Cops for Pets" in the "if you selected other as the reason for giving" field.  
  • This can be a one-time donation or a monthly contribution!

Donate Supplies

If you are interested in hosting a donation bin or have questions, contact Lieutenant Garrett Wood (314-983-5237) or email

Look below for a list of equipment and supplies that are in constant use and need regular replacement at the Olivette APA.  A few items are links to external sites.  Bold items are those most needed. Please donate new or like-new items. Obviously used items or those in disrepair will be thrown away and not donated.

Donation bins will be located in the lobby of the Olivette City Center (1140 Dielman Rd)

If you shop online from Amazon, Petsmart, Petco, etc. you can ship the item directly to Cops for Pets, you can use the following as the shipping address:

Cops for Pets
1140 Dielman Rd
Olivette, MO 63132

Dog-centricCat-centricOther Needs
Kuranda Beds - All SizesKuranda Beds - All SizesX Pens
Plastic or Metal Slow Feeder BowlsCat NipLong-shredded Paper
Benebones or NylabonesCat Scratchers (Cardboard or Posts)Pocket Pet/Bunny Cages
Slip LeashesCat TreesSmall Mammal Water Bottles
Nylon collarsFlat Metal BowlsTimothy Hay
Bandanas or Neck ScarvesPurina Scoopable LitterSmall Mammal Food Pellets
Kong and Hard Rubber Dog ToysFrontlineRubbing Alcohol
Pooper ScoopersCat toysNail Clippers
Frisbees or flying discsWet food (Purina)Peanut Butter
Purina Variety SnapsCat treatsEasy Cheese Spray Cheese
Dog Shampoo & Conditioner (NOT Flea & Tick)Friskies "Lil' Soups"Paper Bowls and Plates
Dog BrushesCat BrushesZiploc Bags
Large Wire CratesMedium Wire CratesWash Cloths, Hand/Bath Towels
Cleaning Supplies

55 Gal Trash BagsClorox WipesDry Newspaper
Dish SoapBleachHydrogen Peroxide
Spade Scrapers (Flat Head)Soda FlatsPaper Towels
Hand SanitizerDistilled Water (1 Gal Jug)Pet Wipes / Baby Wipes

items in bold are constantly needed

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!