2023 Monthly Action Report

The Monthly Action Report is a publication of the Olivette Police Department.  This document is submitted to the Olivette City Council and is available as hyperlinks in the City Council Agenda for the second Council meeting of the month (usually the fourth Tuesday of the month).  

The document includes several topical items:

  • Message from the Chief of Police about events that occurred in the Department between the last Monthly Action Report and the current
  • Upcoming Events or specialized officer/department training
  • Call for Service Reporting (tables and graphs for comparison to previous month and year-to-date)
  • Crime Report Summary - a brief summary of crime reports from specified categories.  This report is summarized by the Detective Bureau with crime analysis for each category
  • Adult/Juvenile Arrest data
  • Traffic Stop data

Not every criminal report is summarized and locations are removed from summaries to protect victims and ongoing investigations.

The raw data that is used to compile the information provided is gathered from various reporting and tracking systems.  The Police Records Clerk provides a tremendous service to the Department by gathering much of this data into one location for analysis and developing proactive solutions to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for those who live in, work in, or travel through the City of Olivette.  

Much of the "raw data" includes personal identifying information and as such, is not provided in its original format.

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January 2023 Olivette Police Department Monthly Action Report

January 2023 Olivette Police Department Monthly Action Report