Olivette City Council Meeting
July 13, 2021
7:00 PM 

Meeting Via Zoom and In-Person
For Zoom Click Here or Call 312.626.6799
Council Chambers
Olivette City Center
1140 Dielman Road
Olivette, MO 63132


Roll Call



Swearing in of Police Officer Stephanie Shrum and Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Beard.  Introduction of new Recreation Coordinator Cory Shovick


City Manager's Report

City Manager Sondag will give a verbal report. 

City Council Reports

The Mayor and City Council Members will give verbal reports.

Hearing from Citizens

Comments may be submitted via email (kfleming@olivettemo.com) prior to 5pm the day of the meeting.  
Comments will also be accepted during the meeting utilizing the Zoom meeting information. 

Bill #2952 - An ordinance to amend the Master Development Plan illustrated as Exhibit B-1 under Ordinance #2675 an ordinance rezoning certain redevelopment area from "M-U" Gateway I-170/Olive Boulevard Mixed Use Gateway District to Olivette Gateway Plaza Planned Development District, amending the City's Zoning Map accordingly, adopting a corresponding Master Development Plan, and adopting pertinent Land Use and Zoning Regulations. Second Reading and Public Hearing.

Bill #2952 amends Exhibit “B-1”, adopted under Ordinance #2675.  Ordinance #2675 is the adopting ordinance establishing the Planned Development District for the development now referred to as Olive Crossing.  Under Ordinance #2675, there is a referenced Exhibit “B-1”, which serves as the approved “Master Development Plan” (MDP) for the Olivette Gateway Plaza Planned Development District. Under the “MDP”, the proposed Lot 4 is illustrated to be an office/commercial structure. The Developer has initiated a change to Lot 4, from an Office/Commercial lot and building to a Multifamily Residential lot and building.


Bill #2953 - An ordinance to create a planned development district by approving the vacation of the streets known as Irvington Court and Reyem Court; approving the cosolidation of 4.926 acres to be known as Olivette Apartments Boundary Adjustment Plat; rezoning 4.926 acres of property to be known as Olivette Apartments Boundar Adjustment Plat from "SR" Single Family Residential District to "M-U" Gateway I-170/Olive Boulevard Mixed-Use Gateway District; and approving a development plan and designating a planned development district to beknown as the Irvington-Reyem Olivette Apartments. - Second Reading and Public Hearing

Bill #2953 vacates the streets known as Irvington Court and Reyem Court, consolidates 4.926 acres consisting of 23 single family homes addressed off of Irvington and Reyem Courts and the vacated streets, rezones the newly created 4.926 acre property from SR Single Family Residential District to MU Gateway District, and authorizes a Planned Development District, to be known as Irvington-Reyem Olivette Apartments, for redevelopment of the area to a 207-unit residential multi-family apartment complex.


Bill #2955 - An ordinance to amend on-site detention requirements for single family homes under Section 422.080 Single-Family Residential Development being part of Chapter 422 Stormwater Management of Title IV Land Use of the Olivette Municipal Code. First Reading.

This ordinance would exempt on-site stormwater detention requirements for the initial construction of a new home in a subdivision in which the subdivision contains an approved Metropolitan Sewer District stormwater detention bassin in which the size of the basin included the average new home building footprints in its calculation.


Bill #2956 - An ordinance to amend Section 500.100 permitted hours of construction being part of Chapter 500 Building Regulations of Title V Building and Construction of the Olivette Municipal Code. First Reading.

This ordinance will allow contrcution work associated with a building permit to begin at 6:30 AM when the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory.


Bill #2957 An Ordinance Authorizing Execution of a Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission Transportation Alternatives Funds Program Agreement

First reading of a bill that authorizes executing a $1M Transportation Alternative grant agreement for the construction of the Centennial Greenway from Warson Park to Dielman Road. 


OMCI Application

OMCI Application Approval
  Deer Creek Watershed - defer until next year to accumulate funds
  University City RDP - Apply for survey, easement analysis, engineering and design

Public Works 6419 Truck Chassis Purchase

 Public Works purchase a F350 from Joe Machens Ford though state contract.


Appointment to Commissions and Board


Hearing from Citizens (Part 2)


Review and Approve of Minutes

Approval of minutes from the regular meeting of June 22 2021


City Attorney's Report

City Attorney Paul Martin will give a verbal report.



Individuals wishing to speak at the meeting may do so via Zoom or In=Person. Persons will be called upon to speak during Hearing from Citizens and during Public Hearings.

Persons may also submit a written statement to Communications Manager Kiana Fleming at KFleming@OlivetteMo.com by 5pm the day of the meeting.

Please note that the City Council may adjourn to closed session pursuant to the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri to discuss legal, confidential or privileged attorney-client matters pursuant to Section 610.021(1), real estate matters pursuant to Section 610.021(2), personnel matters pursuant to 610.021(3), audit matters pursuant to Section 610.021(17), or for any other reason allowed by Missouri law.
Posted this day, July 9, 2021
Barbara Sondag, City Manager